Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pallet coat rack (18)

Here's a quick how to of the pallet Trish and I made in Long Beach a few months back. 'Quick' because that's how easy it is. And I was a horrible picture taker during the process. Her hubby Eugene did the hardest part for us. Here it is before, just a plain old pallet:
He cut off the back half of it for us so it wouldn't be so heavy. Trish wanted it to match the accent wall she did in her living room behind the tv here:

It turns out she only had about an inch of paint left in the half gallon can, but it turned out to be a good thing  and we ended up with a nice distressed look that we were really happy with. I just lightly washed off the pallet and sanded it really quickly just to get rid of the huge sliver parts. Then I took a dry paint brush and put a tiny bit on the brush. I dry brushed the entire thing really roughly just barely covering it. I didn't get a picture if it hung up over her beautiful black cabinet, but here it is after:

    Then you just add knobs, handles or hooks and hang as you wish. Easy peasy and oh so cute.

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