Sunday, April 29, 2012

Be Present

Today a few boards taught me a lesson. Sounds weird right? Let me explain. I had all these goals today:

Finish unpacking the house
Finish enough projects to take pictures and apply to Farmers Market.
Make another sign for my booth.

I didn't fully finish any of them, but it was a GOOD thing. 

I found the perfect old cupboard door to make a sign on that Ive been thinking about making for awhile. I want to make a sign that says "BE PRESENT". I feel like it would be a good reminder. I get going on so many things and I just go go go and don't slow down. I tell the girls "one second" or "we will tomorrow". I hear myself doing it too much and I can see them being disappointed. So today the girls and I took a trip to the dump for our weekend scavenger hunt in the lumber pile and there was the top of a play fort. Macie wanted it sooooo bad.  We came home and after 5 minutes of puppy dog eyes, papa hopped on his tractor, headed over there and hauled it back. The girls were thrilled!! So then they wanted to do a "project like mommy" for their new clubhouse. I told her, "maybe later this week, I have to finish a few projects". Macie said "Mom, you do so many projects you are always so busy." That twisted my heart a little. I explained that I am doing it so that I CAN stay home and get to be with them more. Its such a hard balance. Especially just starting out my little business, I need to do a LOT of work, but I can tell it really puts a strain on the girls. I need to find balance. SO,  as I was sanding the sign I realized:  HELLO!! EARTH TO APRILL!! LOOK WHAT YOU ARE MAKING! NOW ACT ON IT!!
I'm trying to make a sign to remind myself to be present and in the meantime pushing the girls aside so I can get it done. Makes no sense.

So I stopped what I was doing and went and grabbed the girls and we went on the hunt for a special project just for them to do with my FULL attention. I accepted that I would not meet my goals for the day, but that that was ok. There's always tomorrow for projects. But Macie and Emma will only be these amazing girls THIS age for THIS day. 

 Macie insisted she needed this wooden sawhorse, but couldn't think of what she would do with it. Then we found a giant spool like for wire and decided it could be a table for their new fort. I let them paint it themselves and we even had a paint fight. I pretended not to notice when they painted pink stripes on my butt and they thought it was so funny. I love when they giggle so hard. They were amazed I was letting them use "real" paint and do it themselves) They want me to use my cricut and write "The Lytton Clubhouse" on it. So cute. Macie definitely has the 'trash to treasure" bug.
Don't you love their paint clothes:)

So, I didn't get my application sent to the market. It will be there tomorrow. I still have the same six boxes sitting in the kitchen. But the girls don't care. I did get to have an awesome time with them...and made a table we will look at, play at and remember for a long time to come.

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