Friday, July 8, 2011

Something for sale

I've been seeing the most beautiful shabby chic, cottage-inspired, frames, but am not willing to pay the $50 a piece that they cost. So Ive decided to make my own and to make some to sell for others, who like me, love them but just cant bring themselves to pay out their ears;) for them. Heres my first set for sale. A set of three that are for sale on etsy at I'm going to make some sets in different colors and also take custom color orders.

This blue one is my favorite. I wanted to keep them for my home once again, but I know I have to let go if I ever want to sell anything.

 My husband and I found awhile ago that the first letter of the names of us and our children is BEAM. He always wanted to start his own construction company with that name, but since changing trades, we've decided to call our new furniture/decor line 'BEAM designs'.

My brother and niece from Seattle came and stayed with us this week. We got to have a smore bonfire night, a bbq, a beach day(where we all ended up a little too pink) and some great camp outs in the yard.(I admit only my brother would stay out there with the three chatty girls while the old couple stayed in the house, thanks Matty!) So here they are as my featured blog guests.

The beautiful Mrs. Braedyn Sharee

And her and her daddy, uncle Matt at our beach day

Thanks for the fun you two! We'll be over to visit you soon!!

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