Friday, November 4, 2011

A Redo, finally!!!!!!!

Before I left Idaho I bought a piece from a friend that I planned to redo and sell. It was so big I knew my hubby was going to hate LOVE to move it all the way to Vegas:) So luckily when I hauled it home I got a taker right out of the back of the truck. I then offered to help redo it and we got to work. My good friend Alina(Chuchie) was my customer once again. We got to work looking at colors.

There are waaaay too many blues and greens out there.
We got to work sanding every day after work. Stained the top and painted her pretty. After starting to distress it we decided to go on a limb and try the staining over paint technique and looooved the results. She turned out so lovely. Here she is before and after:


We almost left the top after sanding. Isn't it beautiful?
The top stained and distressing the paint.

AFTER in its new home in Colorado.

(the only problem being that we were missing a handle on the bottom. I think it made its way into my work bag and we didnt discover it missing until it was all packed away:) So this weekend the mystery will be solved when I unpack)
What do you think?? I think its my favorite piece yet. Its sentimental because it was the last days we got to spend together before we both moved. We had a lot of fun. (8 days til she visits!!)

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  1. I think I owned this piece about 100 years ago! Had I know it could have turned into a Cinderella, I might have kept it!

    You did a lovely job and the color is beautiful!

  2. It's darling!! LOVE the color!! I host a decorating party at my blog on the weekends if you want to come share sometime! :)

  3. I think it's beautiful! It would go perfectly in my home...ya know, if i had any more room!

  4. WOW!! It is great, you have found your talent,, love them all...

  5. I love this....I would love some tips as I just picked up a Hutch today and need to re-paint it. =)