Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First Halloween in Nevada

We just finished up our first Halloween in Nevada and had a great time! We were still at the grandparents house, so had to try to make decor and costumes out of as little as possible with all of our craft stuff being in storage. I think we did a pretty good job. We did skeleton, spider, bat and pumpkin crafts all month and grandma let us hang them around the house.
We made Emmas wig, Macie shoes and shirt. Our friend Trish made her headband, and both their tutus. We got Emmas dress on clearance at Ross and Macs wings at the dollar store. We convinced them that they were the "special" Rapunzel and Tink to get out of getting the $40 costumes:)  We went trick or treating at a shopping area called "The District" and had a great time seeing all the cute costumes and got lots of candy. My camera doesn't take the best night pictures, so bear with them. I wanted to just show how beautiful it was there. (Maybe a new camera for Christmas B? :) :)
Our homemade Tink and Repunzel

We made pom poms and ran them across the kitchen
Emmys cotton ball ghost
The girls spider-webbed room

Macies halloween gallery
The District for trick or treating

 Little Trooper....her wig was sooo heavy.
Mac had a broken pair of flip flops so we taped them up green and made the Tink pom poms

We loved having our first WARM Halloween. I think the thermometer said 71 when we were out. Its the first time we didn't have to plan our costumes around coats:)

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  1. The girls tutu's look great. Now I shall sell them on Crazy Moma Drama.
    The girls are as cute as a button and Abigail's favorite friends. Elijah wants to marry Macie:)