Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Check me out!!!!!

I'm beat tired today from a 7 hour cleaning(ew:) , but wanted to quickly share my excitement with you all on two exciting things going on in the Lytton Life!

We signed our lease today for a condo and move in this weekend!! Woo Hoo! So excited! We could not ask for more generous host and hostess, but I sure after six weeks they are ready to have some space back:) Awesomely enough it is right down the street, so I won't have to get used to a  new area, and we will be in walking distance to gma and gpa! Our condo has a two car garage which I get for my furniture and crafting!! The trade off is B gets the third room for his 'ManCave". Sounds a little backwards huh? I want the garage and he wants a room:) We are both very excited. Of course I get to help design his room though:) Which also means Mac Daddy will be starting kindergarten this week! Woo Hoo for the big girl! Tomorrow I clean the new house and gets Mac's first day of school outfit:)

I was featured on this AMAZING blog I follow 'DIY by Design'!!! My first feature!!!! I am sooo excited my link ups have finally starting paying off! She featured my bench I made before moving. Sooo excited! Especially on this blog that I look at so often. Imagine my excitement when I checked my comments last night. Beyond thrilled!!!! Make sure you go check out my first feature right HERE and follow this talented lady!!

Is it weird that after looking at the condo I dream of how I will set it up and the furniture I will do for it?? Hehe. Just cant get it out of this brain of mine. Furniture coming up soon!!!!!

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