Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just some goodies

I've been working on a few projects that are close to my heart, so are taking me longer than they should. I have redone one peice twice and am still making a few changes, so #5 will be coming soon! Im so excited about it and want it to be just perfect.
So in the meantime Ive been doing a few little projects around the house that Ive found. The first are these great mirrors I found at a thrift store for super cheap and could see they needed some love and updating. I was planning on selling them on esty, but my wall decided it needed them more:)
Here they are after rescuing them from the outside/shed area of a thrift store:
And here they are now, loveing their new life. I think they would like to be called 'Jack and Jill'

My next project I found at a garage sale with some dried flowers in it. I loved the shape, but have no orange in my entire house. So, I painted her up and got some great flowers to change her look.

Isnt she pretty?!

I found this great chair at the flea market and just cant bear to change it. I think its so funky and already the perfect color. No one can have enough extra seating, right?

Thats all for now. I have two peices in the making that have homes! People actually want to pay me for what Im doing!! Im so excited. Those are soon to come............

Make sure you check out my friends new etsy page that I will also be selling some items on soon, including some frame sets that I finished last night.
Who knew you could get so much done when the babies are gone for the night?! Thanks Popo, Vava, Aunt Kristi and Uncle Jan!

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