Thursday, April 10, 2014

Custom table

Here's a fun custom job I got to do last week. I was browsing on Facebook yard sale and saw someone who was looking for someone to redo her table. I messaged her, we chatted and she was kind enough to hire me:) I got to go to her home and see what we were working with. She was just getting ready to move so I got to see the new place and the furniture that would be going in the living room. This desk would go behind the couch, facing out to the lake. Ya, a desk with that view would definatly motivate me to work!:) I originally wanted to stain the top and paint the bottom, but her decorator said, and after seeing I agreed, that with the dark brown leather couch and the dark wood floors it may be too much dark. 

Here's is the before:

She gave me this swatch to use as inspiration from a chair she had upholstered in this:

I ended up using the color match machine at Home Depot and it worked smashingly!! That thing is always broken when I go there so I was thrilled to finally get to use it.  I got one of the blues and the beige tan under the yellow. 

I went home, made my paint into chalk paint, sanded the whole table to smooth it out a little and got to work. 

I ended up distressing the whole thing very lightly and a little on the edges. I also used a gray stain wash to dirty it up a little and meld the whole thing together.  Kathy also had a chair she wanted to use with her desk. I didn't like the idea of painting it too, I just thought it was TOO matchy matchy. So she said to do whatever I wanted, but that she did like whimsical. 

I loved the color this chair had. It was really beat up and a cool natural old wood. So I added a few details here and there that I think qualified as "whimsical" and then put a mixture of natural and a bit of a darker stain over the top to seal it and make it look a little more finished. 

Here they are finished:

And in their new home: 

I am so glad to say that She loves them. What a joy of a customer to work with! Thanks Kathy!


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