Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The little nightstand that could

I found this little beauty, but she was injured. Her poor drawer was lost so I helped her through her recovery. And how better to recover than by first slapping on some coral paint!!! And then making a shelf(And using the saw BY MYSELF I might add:) and adding a cutesy paper and laminating it. Dr. Aprill saved another life:)


And after:

This didnt sell before the show was over, and I was kind of excited to take it home. I took Emmas nightstand  with the chalkboard top that was just too short for her bed and sold it earlier in the day, so thought she would be pumped to get this pretty one. But as I loaded it up in the truck a girl came back to buy it. Woo hoo for her! Sad for Emma. But thats why she has this mommy right? I can make another one:)

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