Monday, July 23, 2012

#30 done! while I'm 29!!

My Internet is not so reliable lately, and Ive been soo busy making making making. I thought I better do this post though to update you all. I realized that all the people that come to the sales and buy my things found out about me on some part of the Internet. Either my blog, facebook or facebook yardsale. So, I better keep up that part:) 
This blog started out as "aprills30before30" and has turned into so much more! I have met so many great people through it that understand my vision and can share in my ideas. I have also gained so many  customers through this venue and I am so thankful. I have a year left before I'm 30 and this is my 30th piece!! Through this blog I have been able to share my family, my love for food and all things DIY and design. I'm thinking about setting a new goal, but haven't come up with it yet. While its nice out and Amy over at Vintage Farmhouse is doing so many great sales shes letting me be part of, I am out in the shop much more than on here blogging!! So in the winter, I guess, I will catch up on my posts:) Here it is though, #30.

Here it is before:
And here it is after:

 I made it for my niece whos almost ready to make an appearance! McKinley Jean! I will do a post when I have more time on the nursery I designed and did for her! It is so adorable! 
Yay for completing my 30!! 
And yay for my niece on the way!!! (Sorry Robin, I know you're not so excited at the moment about being on bed rest:( Keep her in there. Ill be over to see you in two days!!! Love you!

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