Monday, December 5, 2011

Someday my business will come.......

I dream of selling my goodies at the Farmers Market here in Henderson. Then selling some things through other avenues. Of course that takes a little moolah to start. So while Im working my way there, and getting products made Im also testing a few things out. I figure its better to start right, then rush it. Im trying out things I want to sell in my own home to make sure Im doing it all just right. The right seal, polys, paints, fabrics and so on. I want them to be sturdy, cozy and great quality. I want to start of by selling some of my small furniture peices that can easily be brought and bought at that kind of venue. My mirrors, benches, little shelves and end tables, my pillows and chalk boards. And then get into some kind if shop to sell my bigger pieces.
Ive read a lot on make-your-own-chalkboard-paint, so I decided to test for myself. I made this one using the store bought spray paint and the girls and I have been testing it out...a lot:) Next week I am going to make one with the homeade paint and see how it holds up compared to the store bought.

What do you think? Wouldnt they be fun to have at home for the kids, for a shopping list, orginizer/calender station, weekly menu??

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