Saturday, September 24, 2011

We have arrived

Yesterday at 3:30 we arrived in the big city of Las Vegas.  I almost lost my breakfast on the landing, but I smiled and hid my nausea behind my white face while the girls both squealed with glee. "Mom, can you believe it? We are in Vegas!!!!" We are still looking for a rental and are staying with B's parents until we find it. As I sit here writing this I fear we are already starting to wear out our welcome in this fun house. Emma is sitting behind me playing with the fridge water dispenser, blowing bubbles in her water glass and sneaking into the bag of cookies. Ay yay yay!
I feel very lucky to be staying here with such  generous, real, sweet people. We were greeted at the airport with stuffed animals and flowers, and a princess room of the girls dreams when we arrived at their house!!

 I feel like I'm being a bump on a log not working yet. My first day of Vegas has consisted of the following: woke up at 6, had breakfast, watched TV, went in the pool, had lunch, went on a run, went in the pool again, blog, and now getting ready to go to the (Brat) "Worst festival" in Boulder City. I guess the fact that I've done all this with a 3 and 5 year old make it a little less lazy, but still.

I found out that my 2:00 run in the 91 degree weather was what the locals here point and laugh about, so Glad I learned that lesson early. And shockingly I didn't get lost. I am directionally challenged and with all the houses looking the same here I was a little worried.
Am I right? All the same, but all so cute. I love this neighborhood. Its called Black Mountain Vistas. It just sounds cool, huh?
Well, I have more to write, but if food is the end result of me getting ready, I gots to go! More on our journey soon. I'm finally done packing, and not having to unpack for a little bit, so Ill be back soon!

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